Baobab Studios, an animation studio that won nine Emmy Awards, recently launched its debut NFT game called Momoguro developed on the Ethereum blockchain. 

After wowing the world with its intense storytelling expertise across TV, film, books, and games, Baobab Studios is choosing to revolutionize Web3 with its latest NFT project: Momoguro!

Momoguro, a component of the soon-to-be-released Momo Metaverse, is a role-playing game (RPG) that allows players to collect digital characters (as NFTs) known as Momos, embark on adventures, and unravel the story of the ‘Uno Plane’ by acting as the ‘Holoself’. 

The Holoself is a creature with an incredible ability to form a union with lots of Momos to release unique, wild, powerful, and excited Momobeasts. They make the gameplay a lot more fun!

Additionally, players can use Momos to fight monsters that want to divide the Uno plane.

Powered by Ethereum game developer ImmutableX, Baobab’s Momoguro is one to look forward to give the studio’s extensive background with popular franchises including Star Wars, Marvel, League of Legends, Disney, Zynga, D&D, Pokémon, EA, and lots more.

Characters of the NFT game

Momoguro is co-created by Martin Allais and Nico Cassavecchia who bring a wealth of mixed-media expertise and Latin American ideas rooted deeply in themes of inclusion. 

Baobab’s amazing creators plan to create Momoguro in such a way that it has mainstream appeal – hence the collaboration with ImmutableX. 

Baobab has an impressive list of board members including Twitch and Pixar co-founders as well people from notable companies, like Tribeca, Netflix, Paramount Animation, and the Oscars. 

Since its release, Momoguro NFTs have sold out indicating that so far, the project is garnering enough momentum and enjoying incredible success.