Leading provider of fiat on-ramp crypto solutions, MoonPay, has disclosed that it would be collaborating with renowned weekly magazine, TIME. This partnership is geared towards providing MoonPay’s customers with a “flawless” way of buying TIMEPieces’ NFT projects via credit cards.

What Is TIMEPieces?

TIMEPieces is a Web 3.0 initiative released by TIME in March 2021. Since its launch, the community initiative has grown to have more than 150 creators and 60,000 members. TIMEPieces boasts of releasing the maiden edition of a completely readable magazine on the blockchain. To ensure unrestricted access to the platform, all holders in TIMEPieces can link their virtual wallets to TIME.

MoonPay Joins Forces With TIMEPieces

The newly formed partnership will allow the news magazine to enlarge its clientele beyond the fundamental crypto locals and increase the awareness of TIMEPieces to a larger audience.

The CEO and co-founder of MoonPay, Ivan Soto-Wright stated:

“TIME is a textbook case study on how a brand can use Web3 technology to build a more meaningful, contextual, and curated experience to members of its community. We are excited at MoonPay to help power TIMEPieces initiative with robust and scalable smart contracts and payments infrastructure.” 


Keith Grossman is an integral part of the partnership, seeing as he was once the president of TIME and is currently MoonPay’s president of enterprise. Grossman shared his excitement to help TIME become more prominent in the Web 3.0 industry:

“Personally, I am thrilled to be able to ensure the success of an organization that will always be near-and-dear to my heart with the solutions provided by an organization enabling the future of brand engagement with consumers.” 

Final Words

Hence, TIME will be able to develop, manage, and implement complex organizational strategies on the blockchain. In turn, this will help the magazine giant in establishing and growing its Web 3.0 products and services.

This collaboration will definitely put TIME ahead in its race in the Web 3.0 space. Now, the company will be able to scale up its virtual assets and offer a more developed and pronounced experience to its customer base.