Apollo 17 was a trailblazing experience that set the course for more space exploration. Humans were provided with a glimpse of the natural satellite that illuminates Earth. It’s been 50 years since then. To commemorate this milestone, SpaceX-Falcon 9 rocket will jet off to the moon with some guests. These guests are Moonbirds NFTs that are popular PFP NFTs. The interesting launch is scheduled for November 15 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Falcon 9 rocket will deliver the Lunarprise Museum to the moon during the voyage. This consists of artworks from 222 creators, involving music, entertainment, art, and NFTs.

About Lunarprise Museum Covering Moonbirds Collection

This museum features the Moonbirds collection as its primary digital art PFP collection. All 254 Moonbirds, each showcasing the unique “Space Helmet” characteristic, will be engraved onto nickel plates. It features the “Humanity Hall of Fame” which also uses the nickel plates to tell our story as humans and our civilization.

These plates will be stored on Lunaprise disks, alongside a diverse array of other digital artworks. To ensure the preservation of these artworks, there exists a set of 11 physical twin duplicates on Earth.

As the year wraps up, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy an immersive experience of the Lunaprise Metaverse Museum.

Crypto in the Space: ‘’To The Moon’’

Blockchain technology is finding expression in space, and Moonbirds NFTs will not be the first digital assets to go from Earth to space. 

Earlier, LunarCrush announced that it set its sights on a celestial goal by planning to send 62 Bitcoins to the moon. In a parallel endeavor, Huobi embarked on its “Mars Program” for space exploration, partnering with entrepreneur Justin Sun. 

These developments highlight the innovation and creativity flourishing at the intersection of blockchain and space exploration.