The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is considered one of the biggest sporting organizations in MMA (mixed martial arts). The company is known for its innovation which has recently led it to the idea of creating a metaverse for sports fans in collaboration with SportsIcon. 

SportsIcon is an NFT platform dedicated to sports collectibles. The company will deliver PFL’s vision of an MMA immersive metaverse featuring PFL’s world-class fighters. PFL fans will dive deeper into the Web3 space after already interacting with the NFT marketplace PFL created previously when partnered with NFT solutions platform Mercury.

“I am excited to announce the Professional Fighters League is partnering with industry leader, SportsIcon to create the PFL innovative MMA Metaverse experience for fans around the world.” was stated by PFL CRO John Tuck while explaining the intentions behind building an MMA metaverse and how it’ll help for reaching a wider audience and give the league’s sponsors more organic opportunities in the Web3 space.

The co-founder and COO of SportsIcon, Alexi Yovanoff, said:

“SportsIcon is a leading Web3 innovator dedicated to sport.  We have a mission to bring fans closer to the sport they love, be that through NFTs, the Sports Metaverse, or supporting Future Icons.  We are delighted to partner with the PFL, an incredibly forward-thinking organization crafting the future of MMA for fans, fighters, and brands. We are thrilled to get going and bring the best of Web3 to the PFL family.”

Yovanoff described how excited SportsIcon is to be the one creating a part of history by infusing MMA into the Web3 space. He also praised PFL calling it an organization that is focused on the future while giving its best to what it is currently doing.

PFL is an outstanding platform that features a list of elite fighters from different parts of the world. 25% of the fighters are independently ranked in the top 25% worldwide. The fighters compete seasonally for a chance to win a grand prize of $1 million. Those who earn the most points in each of the Regular Season divisions advance to the win-or-go-home Playoffs, followed by the biggest night in MMA which is the PFL World Championship.