Cryptoys, a digital toy company with a strong presence in the Web3 space, is diving deeper into the realm of animated classics through a groundbreaking collaboration with entertainment giant Disney. 

This exciting partnership will bring to life a captivating collection of digital toys. The collection is inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved cartoon characters. The collection will showcase three iconic characters from the enchanting world of Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse himself, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto. 

Cryptoys has unveiled that this special Mickey-themed series will comprise 15 exclusive digital toys and accompanying accessories. The collection will ensure an unparalleled unboxing experience for fans and collectors alike.

During a live broadcast on X (formerly Twitter), it was disclosed that this collection would follow a rarity pattern consistent with previous releases. It will encompass five distinct rarity levels for each of the three characters. These rarity levels include Common, Rare, Legendary, Grail, and Ultra Grail. Each toy in the collection will be priced at $39.99.

The collectors who manage to assemble full sets can earn a particularly extraordinary reward in the form of a Grail or Ultra Grail Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey! 

Cryptoys’ team is actively brainstorming additional rarity options to cater to a broader collector audience. The team wants to be sure that there is something appealing for everyone.

Cryptoys’ Previous Disney Collaborations

Cryptoys made other collaborations with Disney. In May, they launched a series of digital collectibles featuring the immensely popular Star Wars characters. This collection included 15 exclusive digital toys featuring iconic figures, like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

In a recent development that parallels the addition of Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey to their lineup, Cryptoys has announced the inclusion of Yoda in the Star Wars collection. This update was made public on August 7, 2023.

About Cryptoys

Cryptoys is an online platform dedicated to crafting interactive, collectible, and game-centric NFT toys designed for the modern generation. It is partnering with popular brands/companies, like Disney, to give life to iconic characters in this virtual world. 

Established in 2021 by OnChain Studios, the company tries to combine toys with NFTs. In other words, it is a digital toy company which focuses on the value and advantages of blockchain technology.