Marvel is inarguably one of the biggest cinematic franchises in history. Having gifted us superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, and, most recently, She-Hulk, Marvel has carved itself into the stones of movie history by producing some of the most legendary characters the world has ever seen. These superheroes have shifted their focus from appearing on our screens to being a part of the metaverse. We have witnessed the debut of some big-name superheroes like Spiderman. An unfamiliar superhero is about to make, or better yet, “slam” her way into the NFT space.

Slam-Girl is a product of the collaboration of the late comic genius and founder of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, and his friend and former Marvel animator, Will Meugniot. The 20-year-old character never got to appear on the big screens as the company she was developed under, Stan Lee Media, went under just six months after she was created.

Shirrel Rhoades, former Executive VP of Marvel Entertainment and current Director of Stan Lee Holdings, discovered the character after a collector buddy bought all the company’s assets and asked for Rhoades’ help in valuing them.

After discovering Slam-Girl and how she came to being, Rhoades decided to dust the cobwebs off Slam-Girl and to work with the character’s co-developer, Will Meugniot, in debuting Slam-Girl as NFTs for starters. And the female superhero will be doing so at the New York Comic Con. The Polygon-based NFT series highlights fights between Slam-Girl and villains from the League of Evil Bastards.

To contribute to the success of Slam-Girl’s arrival in the metaverse, her NFTs will be made available on the green Web3 company, OneOf, which works with the popular online platform eBay.

According to Dawn Block, Vice President of Collectibles, Home, and Electronics at eBay, the collaboration of the NFT marketplace, OneOf, and eBay will ensure Slam-Girl’s NFTs can be easily accessed and bought on a market forum people are familiar with.