Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki has unveiled its second metaverse initiative, called ARENAVerse. The virtual space serves as a virtual showroom that is allowing potential buyers to view and interact with Maruti Suzuki vehicles in an immersive experience. The company hopes that the metaverse will provide a more efficient and convenient car-buying process for customers.

ARENAVerse users are able to engage with Maruti Suzuki automobiles in a live digital experience through Virtual Reality (VR) devices provided by the company at over 700 Maruti Suzuki Arena locations across India. The Maruti Suzuki Arena website also offers access to the web version of ARENAVerse through web browsers.

Shashank Srivastava, the senior executive officer of marketing and sales at Maruti Suzuki, stated:

“We launched the wheels of Metaverse with NEXAverse, which has been an attractive success, with over 10,000 Grand Vitara bookings from NEXAverse alone. With ArenaVerse, we’ve taken this digital adventure a step further, bringing the country’s biggest automotive retail network, Arena, into Metaverse and making sure that our clients’ virtual experiences are as personalized and dynamic as possible.”

Maruti Suzuki is the second automaker, after Mahindra & Mahindra, to enter the metaverse. Other carmakers, including Aston Martin, Nissan, Lamborghini, and Porsche, have also established a presence on the metaverse through the launch of various non-fungible token initiatives.

The Future of the Automotive Industry and Web3

The automotive industry is increasingly turning to the metaverse and related Web3 technology. Earlier this month, Fiat partnered with Microsoft and Touchcast to launch its first metaverse experience, a virtual car showroom featuring Fiat’s new 500 La Prima model. Maruti Suzuki sees the potential for metaverse technology to provide a more dynamic and immersive shopping experience for customers, as well as a more efficient and convenient car-buying process.

Blockchain is also an attractive technology for the automobile industry as BMW has announced that blockchain would be integrated into their workflow. Furthermore, we can see the interest of KIA America into this virtual world with its Robo Dog NFTs. Hence, it can be mentioned that blockchain technology, NFTs, and Metaverse are supported by various car companies.