AmfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating the global AIDS epidemic through groundbreaking research. In their latest venture, amfAR and Prospect 100 are embarking on an unprecedented initiative; the duo introduced their inaugural NFT collection.

The goal of this collection is to generate funds that will further support AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment, and advocacy. At the core of these NFTs lies a captivating series of meticulously created characters by amfAR.

To evaluate NFT submissions, a distinguished panel of judges comprising J Balvin, Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, Jeff Koons, and Baz Luhrmann will preside over the charitable digital art competition. 

This groundbreaking initiative, known as Global Design Competition, seeks to redefine support for the mission of ending the AIDS epidemic. Due to the main aim, all proceeds from the NFT sale will directly support this cause. 

Designers from around the world are invited to participate by creating unique backgrounds for amfAR’s NFT collection. This includes drawing inspiration from the organization’s work and the spirit of Pride Month. Submissions will be accepted until July 9th.

An example of amfAR's NFT character
An example of amfAR’s NFT character

amfAR’s NFT Collection: A Fusion of Art for a Cure 

The foundation’s NFT collection will feature a collaboration. This collaboration will combine the works of approximately 100 artists with amfAR’s character. Participants may get the chance to be featured along with notable figures from the art world. 

Harry Beard, the co-founder of Prospect 100, expressed his belief in the project’s potential to become the most influential digital art project in history.

Final Words

Last year, amfAR successfully raised $1.7 million for the Ukrainian government through an online NFT design competition with This set the foundation for the launch of the amfAR NFT collection and is anticipated to be a groundbreaking endeavor. 

The amfAR NFT collection stands as a testament to the capacity for innovation and collaboration. It is a reminder that when creativity and technology are harnessed for the greater good, there are no limits to achievement.