The internet offers a lot of advantages for people; first of all, people do not have to go out for dealing with their duties that require physical mobility. For example, people must go to banks to make their payments before the internet, but now, they can deal with their financial issues and complete them within minutes, thanks to online banking. Also, people do not need to go to shopping malls for shopping because they can do online shopping with the internet.

As you can understand from the above-mentioned examples, the internet has a big role in our lives. As the internet develops, other internet-based technologies also develop. For instance, we can encounter Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse. These new technologies have more striking advantages than the common internet, known as Web2. Now, we want to explain how Metaverse presents the opportunity for virtual mobility to people with disabilities. That is an important subject because disabled and old people cannot move in a good and quick way, so they should learn the use cases of Metaverse.

Education and Work

Because of physical restrictions, a lot of companies and schools do not accept people with disabilities. Also, most workplaces and educational institutions do not have enough infrastructure for these people. Due to the results, disabled people cannot reach their desired education, and they cannot earn money by working easily.

When we consider disabled people’s education and work life, we can focus on Metaverse that is an immersive and inclusive technology. These people can attend virtual classes within Metaverse, and they can build a career path for themselves in this world. For instance, they can be a blockchain developer or blockchain journalist after getting a significant education in Metaverse. Hence, these human beings do not need to consider the difficulties of physical movement for developing themselves in terms of education and work.

Social Life

In Metaverse, people can communicate with others who are from different regions of the world, so this world builds bridges between a lot of people. Thanks to these virtual bridges, people do not have to travel and move physically for socializing.

People with disabilities can consider the social effect of Metaverse, and they can develop their social lives in this virtual world. In addition to communication, they can create their avatars and show their creativity with these avatars. Furthermore, they can present mimics and movements that cannot be done in the real world by disabled people via their avatars in Metaverse. With these mimics and movements, they can explain the topics they want to talk about.


According to different studies, virtual reality and augmented reality that are supporting Metaverse can be used in the healthcare sector. For instance, some simulations and tests which cannot be created in the real world can be created with these technologies, and then, these simulations can be used in the diagnosis and treatment processes of mental health disorders. In addition to this example, Metaverse can offer telemedicine that is a practice of medicine delivering care at a distance. Lastly, we want to emphasize that Metaverse and its supporter technologies can be utilized for medical imaging in radiology.


Metaverse is continuing to change the understanding of people about entertainment; people started to participate in some virtual events, like concerts and cinema, and Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival is one of these events.

Due to the property of being digital, people do not have to go outside for participating in various events. Thanks to the property, disabled people can join their favorite events virtually, and they do not have to move physically. In addition to common virtual events in Metaverse, disabled people, old people and persons who want to travel the world without using money can focus on Metaverse; there is Metaverse tourism, and people do not need to leave their homes for being a tourist!


To summarize, Metaverse can present different advantages for various fields to make disabled people happy. However, people must be careful about the usage of Metaverse because Metaverse addiction can start with unbalanced Metaverse use.