As Asia’s emerging crypto hub, Hong Kong has taken the center stage again. This time its finance school wants to create training programs where students will enroll to learn about virtual assets. 

The South China Morning Post stated that the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) will be unveiling these programs and workshops in the coming months. The aim is to equip upcoming traders in the virtual asset space with necessary industry knowledge and skills. This development is shortly after Hong Kong encouraged major banks to open doors to crypto. 

HKSI Institute is well-equipped to take this on because of its capacity. Every year, up to 30,000 candidates enroll and take their examinations in the institute. The institute also conducts license exams for asset managers and brokers in Hong Kong. 

HKSI Institute will launch virtual asset training.

This new program is develop because the interest in digital assets is increasing day by day. HKSII’s chairman Colin Shaftesley stated that they were happy to bring young people up to speed. He prided in the fact that their upcoming programs will help them navigate the virtual asset’s landscape. These trainings will be run in the next few months.

To learn more about the program and attend specially curated webinars, you can check out the schedule of events on the HKSII website. There’s also a page on the site that specifies Hong Kong’s current licensing regulations for virtual asset trading platforms. That’s because these trainings are to support new virtual assets’ regulation which was put into effect in June.

Final Words

These educational efforts are in line with other universities contributing to the blockchain space. For example, Cornell University is sharing knowledge on how the metaverse can help fight climate  change. Also, University of Toronto is partnering with Ripple to launch XRP validator. While Texas A&M University is offering a Bitcoin course, National University of Mongolia supports the idea of giving degrees to its students as NFTs. 

Thanks to the efforts and work of these educational institutions, we can see the intersection of the field of education with the blockchain sector effectively and concretely.