Google Cloud, owned by Google that is the number 1 search engine worldwide, has added Tezos node deployment as part of its efforts to integrate blockchain and be a part of the Web3 world.

The company announced this partnership with Tezos Foundation in a tweet yesterday and aims to encourage developers to develop Web3 apps on Tezos Blockchain via Google Cloud. 

Thanks to this collaboration, Google Cloud will serve as a validator on the Tezos network. 

Google Cloud stated that the agreement between both parties will enable its business clients to build and scale web3 apps on  the Tezos ecosystem by utilizing Google’s Cloud platform. 

The Tezos blockchain will enjoy Google Cloud’s infrastructure as a validator or “Baker” thus promoting secure blockchain development on a large scale. As is Google’s custom (to promote tech education and empower its partners), some limited Tezos-incubated firms will have the opportunity to experience Google Cloud credits coaching. 

By becoming one of Tezos blockchain validators, Google Cloud will earn transaction fees, although it seems that the firm may not be interested in the payments. 

This is not the first time Google Cloud is acting as a validator. Last year, it partnered with Solana to participate in and validate the network.

We’re excited for these kinds of partnerships and integrations because it showcases the interests of bigger actors and tech giants in the blockchain space. 

With more corporations exploring Web3 projects, you can be sure that, before long, the security issues we have been experiencing in the crypto space will be a thing of the past – thanks to the solid and resilient infrastructure big tech companies like Google bring to the table. 
This partnership will encourage bigger investors and other key players in the global market who have been interested in blockchain but were previously deterred by the security challenges and several tales of woe, like the FTX saga.