Popular fashion store Aéropostale and leading metaverse company MetaversePlus are collaborating to enter the metaverse with numerous perks for customers including the chance to win a Tesla!


By partnering with Authentic Brands Group (popular brand development groups and the owner of Aéropostale), MetaversePlus will develop Aeropax NFTs, enhance the brand’s Web3 presence, and help the brand connect with more customers through incredible offers and promotions.

Thanks to this partnership, Aéropostale fans will be able to engage more intensely in new and exciting ways, like metaverse shopping, gaming, and other socializing experiences.

AEROPAX By Aeropostale

Aéropostale and MetaversePlus’ partnership will happen in four main phases. 

The first phase begins on March 23rd, with the launch of AeroPax. AeroPax is a collection of NFTs that will foster collaboration and community among customers and offer perks. The holders of AeroPax will get a limited-edition hoodie (shipped for free!) as well as access to VIP promotions.


AeroPax avatars are highly customizable, and they will showcase certain unique features (a mix of styles, personalities, and characteristics) that set each AeroPax apart. They will also include some benefits, like the opportunity to be shown on movie screens and in-game billboards.

Additionally, 10 lucky fans will win a Tesla. Aéropostale will choose the winners at random, and you don’t need to purchase anything first to qualify! To get the chance of winning a Tesla, you can reach the details here


The next phase helps fans get a taste of the intense immersive experience AeroWorld will bring. Users will be able to explore different immersive environments and tour exclusive locations available only to members of the AeroPax community. Examples of VR experiences in AeroWorld may include exclusive events or meet-and-greets with other AeroPax holders.

Other phases of the partnership will be announced subsequently.

MetaversePlus’ co-founder, Noah Loul, said that the team was excited to create these experiences for fans of the Aéropostale brand who want to express their uniqueness. 

About MetaversePlus

Based in Beverly Hills, MetaversePlus’ team works tirelessly to create exhilarating immersive experiences for customers and teams to help brands and businesses reach their goals. 

Boasting over 100+ badass Web3 professionals, it focuses on bringing more brands into the metaverse by pinpointing the challenges preventing them from entering and solving them.