GameSwift announced its partnership with Casper Network; Casper Network has provided GameSwift with a financial grant and trusted partner status through the partnership. The main aim is to integrate Casper Network into the infrastructure of GameSwift. Also, the integration will cover GameSwift ID, Platform, and Chain via the GameSwift Bridge. The integration will occur in the early Q2 of 2023.

This partnership will make blockchain experiences more accessible for everyone, and the future needs in this field will be considered within the partnership. It can be stated that the partnership will offer several advantages for Casper Network and GameSwift users. For instance, Casper and Casper Wallet users will access GameSwift Platform and its collection of gaming titles easily. These users must connect their Casper Singer wallet to the Platform, and then, they can realize that their assets are loaded in the games automatically.

In addition to these, users will get the chance of transferring their gaming assets from a network to another network and creating their own gaming IDs with the help of GameSwift’s innovative infrastructure. This partnership is expected to contribute to the growth of Web3 gaming and provide a seamless gaming experience for players and developers.

About GameSwift

GameSwift is a platform aiming to provide a comprehensive solution for gamers and game developers in the Web3 space. It includes a blockchain specifically optimized for gaming, interoperable Web3 infrastructure, and a platform and studio for game development. The goal of the company is to make it easier for developers to incorporate blockchain technology and for players to share in-game resources.

About Casper Network

Casper Network is a decentralized blockchain that uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, based on the Casper CBC specification. It’s designed to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology by businesses and developers and also be adaptable to future requirements.