Gala Games has launched Legends Reborn on Steam; the new RPG features unique gameplay and NFT integration. Also, the game is focusing on player empowerment and decentralization! The game gives control over it to players, so the focus can be realized easily. As the game is a blockchain-based game, players can earn cryptocurrency.

Gala Games thinks that the Legends Reborn playtest on Steam is an important development. By gathering feedback from the gaming community, the company hopes to refine and enhance the game. Using the feedback can help result in an immersive and high-quality gaming experience upon its full release. Steam is a vital platform for the game’s official launch due to its massive user base of more than 60 million worldwide.

Legends Reborn: A Collectible Card Game

Legends Reborn transports players to an immersive and ever-changing universe where they can engage in exploration, combat, and item collection. Furthermore, players have the chance to create their own unique legacy. Players can also personalize their characters with a range of abilities, equipment, and classes to suit their preferred playstyle.

The game’s combat mechanics are in real-time, challenging players to think strategically and react quickly in battle. 

Thanks to blockchain technology, players can sell, lend, and trade with their assets when playing Legends Reborn. This circumstance is very important because people can be both players and owners. By offering players a player-driven economy, Legends Reborn sets itself apart from traditional RPGs, granting players more ownership and control over their gameplay experience.

The game’s unique creatures and characters are represented by NFTs which can be bred, evolved, and combined to create powerful allies in battles. 

Legends Reborn by Gala is on Steam.
Legends Reborn

Surprising Development: NFT-Based Game on Steam

Legends Reborn’s playtest availability on Steam offers the significant advantage of cross-play. This feature enables players to participate in matches with others on both Steam and Gala Games. 

On the other hand, Steam’s ongoing NFT ban could create issues for Legends Reborn. The NFTs that represent player-owned items will only be usable through a Gala Games account. This means Steam users do not have full access to the experience that Legends Reborn offers.

Gala Takes Attention of Steam

Legends Reborn is not the only game Gala Games has launched on Steam. In November 2022, Gala launched a blockchain game called Superior on Steam. The game was a success and currently holds very positive reviews on the market. Legends Reborn has the potential to shine even brighter with the strategy the developing company is following!