With the launch of its brand new Web3 platform, Legendary Plays, the French National Rugby League has undertaken a bold step into the NFT market. Consequently, via the Tezos Network, introducing a hearty dose of rugby to the blockchain.

Rugby “like never before” is how Legendary Plays describes its setting. This allows supporters to gather their favorite clips of thrilling gameplay while supporting their favorite team. Users can then obtain boosters to raise rarity levels and collect highlights from their fan lives in what is referred to as “plays”. Additionally, players can win rare NFT “Plays” that include a video of fabulous rugby Top14 or ProD2 match highlights.

What’s next after purchasing a Legendary Play?

Once a play is bought, the buyer acquires the limited-edition copy of that particular in-game action. Each play has a variable rarity rating based on its many stars.

Universal Plays (1-star rarity level) for each series have been made accessible by Legendary Plays to enable a larger audience to begin their collection and access the site. Thus, only Plays with a rating of two stars or more are recorded on the Tezos Blockchain. While 2.5% of every purchase is used to fund humanitarian projects that benefit communities.

Evolving Plays

The Plays in question are not available for purchase once all Plays have been acquired or after the on-sale period has finished.

Lower rarity levels may develop into the other higher rarities if not all of the Plays in the higher rarity levels have been purchased.

You can utilize Plays to undertake tasks and play games that offer boosters to help them develop and reach higher rarity levels (if there is any availability). You can also win awards through the games, which will provide you with memorable experiences.