Popular Web3 game developer, Emergent Games, has revealed the release of a survival MMORPG built on Immutable X. The game, which has been given the title Resurgence, required an all hands on deck from former employees of PlayStation and Activision.

Immutable X has grown to be the preferred network for creating and developing Web3 gaming applications. The platform offers high security, speed, and efficiency, as well as decentralization of users’ virtual assets. Immutable X is well known for the high liquidity and zero gas fees.

Emergent Games CEO, Ian Hambleton, stated:

“Immutable X provides all the tools and technology. Plus the support that a successful web3 games developer needs. Their razor focus on gaming makes a big difference for us and their commercial model suits our vision at Emergent Entertainment of Game First high quality AAA games, frictionless onboarding and hidden technology. We expect them to dominate web3 gaming.”

The newly developed Web3 game will join the impressive list of games built on ImmutableX, which includes Embersword, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Planet Quest, and Undead Blocks.

What is Resurgence?

Emergent Games describes Resurgence as “a free-to-play, massively multiplayer role-playing game that will take players on a journey from present-day disaster to a post-apocalyptic future”. One thousand years after a disaster wiped out the planet’s enriched ecology, players are charged with establishing a new colony in the modified world. To build communities and kingdoms, gamers must boost their survival, collaborative, trading, crafts, and weapon skills with the resources made available in the game. As complete owners of their in-game surroundings, players must explore and survive on the harsh planet. 

About Emergent Games

Emergent Games is a next-gen game developer that was established by some of the biggest names in gaming and Web3. The company’s chairman, Simon Rutter, was previously the executive vice president of Sony PlayStation. Its chief communications officer, Russ Harding, was the games director for Sony Interactive Entertainment for almost a decade. The leading blockchain gaming studio’s team features more than 60 gaming developers and veterans with notable games, such as FIFA, Need for Speed, NBA Online, Lord of the Rings, and Gran Turismo.