FIAT has opened the world’s first metaverse-powered interactive showroom, claiming to provide an end-to-end sales experience in the metaverse. The Metaverse Store features FIAT’s Product Genius, a real person who is available in real-time to answer any customer question.

Customers can explore the showroom, chat with the Product Genius, and customize their FIAT vehicle with different colors and features. The interactive showroom is powered by the High Fidelity platform and allows customers to experience the FIAT 500X in full 3D. The showroom is accessible through web browsers, Oculus Quest, and Steam VR.

The FIAT Metaverse Store also has a lounge area for customers to relax and watch a virtual reality display of the car in different environments and explore the world of the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli.

The company’s immersive tool allows users to relive a driving experience aboard the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli on La Pista 500, the track on the roof of the Lingotto building in Turin.

The tool uses a combination of 3D technology, high-resolution graphics, and virtual reality to create a realistic experience. Users can explore the track and the car from a first-person perspective while the car’s performance is simulated, including acceleration, speed, and cornering. Also, the sound of the engine is simulated with realistic audio.

The tool allows users to customize the car to their preferences, from paint color to interior upholstery. The tool also includes a leaderboard, so users can compare their lap times with other drivers.

The store supports in-app purchases

The store features a virtual showroom, product customization options, and an interactive chatbot that customers can use to learn more about the FIAT product lineup. The store also includes in-app purchases, allowing customers to purchase accessories and other items for their FIAT vehicle.

According to Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO and Global Stellantis CMO, the Metaverse Showroom will first be available in Italy before expanding to other markets.