Decentraland where the virtual lands are owned by its users offers a unique experience with amazing scenes and structures. Every object from a simple chair to huge dungeons or villages in the Decentraland’s metaverse is built by its community members.

Many Decentraland users or its “citizens” know Emotes. Whenever they want to wave to their friends or want their avatar to dance they use Emotes. There are already 19 Emotes that are available for all users without any cost. Like any other Wearables, you can wear them on your avatar.

Recently, Decentraland announced that creators can make new Emotes from now on, just like Wearables, and sell them as NFTs at Decentraland’s marketplace. Of course, the publishing process will be similar to Wearables’ process. Moreover, NFT Emotes will have their own level of rarity according to how many copies are minted.

If you want to make your own NFT Emotes and submit them to Decentraland’s marketplace, you can find everything you need to know here.

Bringing the Next Level

When NFT Emotes appeared first at this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week, they were merely in the form of a few glamorous fashion poses and were given as hidden statues. There were some signature dance moves of celebrities, like the pop star Talia’s which were airdropped in exclusive events. 

However, with this new announcement, any Creator will make their own Emotes at any time. Sky’s being the limit, we’ll definitely see various creative Emotes ranging from kick-ass dance moves to funny reactions, and the community won’t have to wait for a special event to access them. They’ll be available at any time once they are minted. 

This will bring not only Decentraland’s marketplace but also its avatars and their dance battles to the next level

Music Festival Contest In Metaverse

Mentioning the next level, Decentraland has been planning for something “extra” special for the Creators in the upcoming Metaverse Music Festival that will take place in mid-November.

Both to celebrate and promote new NFT Emotes the Decentraland Foundation will host an Emote contest for the dance moves in the weeks before the big event. This event will be a huge chance for the Creators to showcase their creative Emotes.