Breitling, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, is launching its first-ever NFT-backed luxury watches. The launch is a product of the partnership with Arianee and Sourcemap Network. The watches are fully traceable objects!

Breitling’s Watches

The NFT-powered watch is known as Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins. This new offering provides watch collectors with certification, authentication, and provenance of their watches through blockchain technology.

The watch contains gold designed and created by specialized suppliers and diamonds generated in laboratories. The watch is linked to NFTs, allowing owners to use Arianee’s digital passport feature to confirm the authenticity of their assets.

Breitling's Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins is a phygital NFT.
Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins

Aurelia Figueroa, worldwide sustainability head chief at Breitling, stated about the partnerships with Arianne and Sourcemap:

“Breitling has set out on a mission to achieve product traceability and transparency while facilitating positive environmental and social effects throughout the supply chain, starting with ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds and artisanal gold, according to the #SQUADONAMISSION To Do Better campaign. We are achieving this aim because of our partnership with Sourcemap and Arianee.” 

About Arianee

Arianee is an e-commerce platform that uses blockchain technology to create secure digital certificates for luxury products. 

In partnering with Breitling for the launch of their first NFT-backed watch, Arianee has provided a solution to securely store product data on the blockchain, providing consumers access to all information related to their watch including evidence of ownership and transfer rights. 

Through this collaboration, they have established an industry-standard in terms of transparency and customer service when purchasing high-end items, such as watches.

About Sourcemap

Sourcemap is a supply chain transparency company, and it offers solutions, like custom compliance, environmental and social sustainability, business continuity, and so on. 

In addition to leveraging Arianee’s platform for authentication purposes, the new timepiece also utilizes Sourcemap’s supply chain traceability tool which allows customers to gain insight into every step of the production of the watch.