Recently, the renowned Indian actress Taapsee Pannu took the wraps off her groundbreaking NFT platform. This effort, named Taapsee Club, will differentiate genuine admirers from anonymous trolls. 

The popular actress stated about true fans and trolls: 

“In today’s cluttered world, it becomes crucial to distinguish the content we share with those genuinely interested in actors and supportive of their endeavours. This helps separate the faceless trollers from the true fans.”

She announces her decision to exclusively launch NFTs for authentic individuals, granting them the chance to connect with her intimately. The objective is to deliver a unique social media encounter to her NFT members, setting it apart from her public persona.

The platform offers them a glimpse into her life and take their fandom to unprecedented heights. By becoming members, individuals will seize the opportunity to experience being on her film sets. Furthermore, they can celebrate special occasions together, interact, and enjoy many other exclusive benefits.

Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

Pannu Shares Her Thoughts About Social Media

Pannu, renowned for her outgoing nature, is reluctant to utilize social media platforms. She claimed that they can be overwhelmingly toxic when revealing her authentic self. The actress elaborated that having a close-knit community of individuals who genuinely wish the best for you is always advantageous.

The introductory NFT confers membership and presents an exclusive opportunity to win hand-picked prizes by Pannu herself. With less than INR 3,000 club members will obtain a unique digital asset that ensures their eligibility for future lucky draws.

Members will receive a package of enticing perks, including four personalized video greetings from Pannu. Fans also gain a lucky draw ticket offering a chance to win video calls with the actress. Other benefits include a costume from her film and autographed items from her favourite collections.