Some countries in Africa, like Nigeria, are dealing with blockchain technology because this technology offers a lot of benefits. For example, blockchain technology can contribute to countries’ socioeconomic growth because it is a cost-effective and efficient technology. Due to this circumstance, the world’s second-largest continent Africa hosts events about blockchain technology!

In the news, we are sharing the details of an amazing event in Africa called the Blockchain Africa Conference.

What is Blockchain Africa Conference?

Blockchain Africa Conference is the Bitcoin Events’ flagship event. The conference’s 9th annual edition will be held on March 16-17 at The Galleria in Sandton, South Africa!

The event aims to foster valuable in-person and virtual interaction. The event was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic last two years, but now the structure of the conference changed.

With this event, the world’s innovative ideas, market disruptors, top industry trends, and technologies on which the future marketplace will operate will be gathered together.

World-class international and local experts will be unpacking how blockchain technology and crypto assets are transforming business operations globally and on the African continent during Blockchain Africa Conference.

Since 2015, more than 9000 individuals from 160 countries participated in Blockchain Africa Conference. The event has showcased the best in blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation and disruption from across the globe, with a spotlight on the African continent.

What awaits you at Blockchain Africa Conference?

On March 16-17, Blockchain Africa Conference will focus on how companies are implementing blockchain-based solutions to their business models. Various innovative real-world use cases of blockchain technology will be explained during the event.

Blockchain Africa Conference’s lineup involves successful names, like the Co-founder of Celo and President of Celo Foundation Rene Reinsberg and the Founder of Adanian Labs John Kamara. These people will share their incredible insights, beliefs, experiences, and ideas during the event. You can reach the whole lineup here.

In addition to the chance to listen to global experts, you can get the chance to expand your network, encounter exhibitions, attend workshops, and participate in Cocktail and Networking Event and Closing Night Networking Event.

About Bitcoin Events

Bitcoin Events was created in 2014 by Sonya Kuhnel and Theo Sauls to teach African individuals and organizations about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The main aim of Bitcoin Events is contributing to the production of proper solutions to Africa’s biggest challenges, like financial inclusion, economic development, and the creation of job opportunities, with the help of blockchain technology.