Have you ever thought of a platform that addresses the needs of collectors? A streamlined selling process and caterer to demands of a diverse collectibles market that encompasses both physical and digital assets?

Introducing Americana, an innovative vaulting platform designed to revolutionize vault services by harnessing the power of blockchain and NFT technology. To achieve this, Americana is supported by OpenSea and 776.

Americana aims to usher secure vaulting into the digital age. This will provide users with an unparalleled level of safety and convenience for storing their most treasured items.

These assets are represented by on-chain digital certificates, allowing users to transact with their tokenized counterparts without physically moving the items. The platform will also cater to a wide range of collectibles, such as vintage cars, limited edition sneakers, and fine art. 

According to Jake Frey, the founder of Americana, the platform can handle items of various sizes, from large vehicles to small stamps.

How To Get Started

The process begins with a personalized consultation during which the team collaborates with transportation experts to create a customized intake plan. After receiving the assets, they undergo careful authentication, digitization, and documentation process before being securely stored in the vaults.

Authentication methods differ based on the type of asset, with some items being pre-authenticated by third-party experts or creators themselves. This multi-layered approach ensures the integrity and legitimacy of the listed items on the platform.

The former executive chairman of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, encouraged everyone to be a part of Americana. He mentioned the platform protects some of his assets, such as the Yuga Labs x Gucci cufflinks he wore to the Met Gala.

About Americana 

Americana was founded in 2022 by Jake Frey. It is backed by a $6.9 million seed funding courtesy Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, OpenSea, and Future. It launched its Something Membership Token in the same year, which granted holders early access to its beta site. 

It has a unique service of storing a diverse collection of valuable items. It has safeguarded an array of valuables including a rare Rolex watch, art pieces, and a sealed original iPhone 5c in blue.

The Americana platform will be accessible to all collectors, regardless of whether they possess a Something Membership Token. To begin, the platform will enable a group of chosen creators. These include artists Dustin Yellin, Danny Cole, and Tom Sachs, to create profiles and present authenticated collectibles to Americana members.