Through this relationship, the Argentina Football Association (AFA) will be able to connect fans with the teams and players. The association respects and improves the awareness of how the metaverse functions, how to contribute to it, and how to gain from it.

Upland, the leading metaverse platform for real-world mapping with more than 3 million registered accounts, and the AFA announced the signing of a formal licensing agreement to incorporate Argentina’s Primera Division (Liga de Futbol Profesional or “LPF”) into the Upland metaverse.

The partnership may involve creating virtual experiences or events that soccer fans can participate in, and it may also involve connecting fans with their favorite teams and players through digital channels. By contributing to the digital community and benefiting from the participation of the global Argentina soccer community, the AFA and LPF may be able to reach a larger audience and build stronger connections with fans.

Dirk Lueth, the co-founder and co-CEO of Upland, is excited about the licensing and partnership agreement between Upland and AFA. 

Upland to offer more opportunities for Argentina fans

Lueth mentions that the partnership will allow Upland to offer more opportunities for Argentina fans to engage with their favorite teams and players and to contribute ideas and creations that show pride in their team. He also mentions that the partnership will allow Upland to focus on the “true meaning of Web3” which seems to refer to a philosophy or approach that emphasizes community and entrepreneurship in the virtual world.

This agreement is a further demonstration of the Argentina Football Federation’s globalization and the influence of the Liga Argentina de Ftbol Profesional brand, which is luring a new generation of fans, including international players, Web3 enthusiasts, and buyers of digital goods on online marketplaces.

The partnership may also involve the creation of a community environment within the metaverse that is focused on high-level soccer, providing fans with a place to connect with each other and engage with the sport in new and exciting ways. By bringing Argentina soccer into the metaverse, the AFA and Upland may be able to reach a wider audience and create new opportunities for fans to connect with the sport and with each other.