1. Could you tell us about yourself and the other artists behind Scary Kid Trading Cards? How did you join the NFT world?

Yeah! I’m Jacobo or Scary kid or SK or ssskk haha. I’m from the US, happily married with two little kids who drive us nuts but we love them endlessly. The project was started by me and my good friend Ian Goudelock (not on Twitter much). I wrote most of the stories and had the vision for the cards while Ian did all the amazing artwork. I mostly joined the NFT world because I’ve followed GaryVee since 2018 and he just started talking about it. I was like, “what in the garbage does NFT mean?”. It’s been pretty fun to get into. 

2. Why did you choose the horror concept for your digital art?

Horror has been a huge aspect of my life. Growing up I had tons of older siblings who always played horror or scary movies while they babysat me. I don’t think my parents knew but I’ve always gravitated towards scary things so it’s been one of my lifelong loves. I don’t believe there is a huge demand for Horror NFTs in the space but as it grows, I’m sure it’ll get there, trust me.

3. Does each scary NFT have a different horror story? If yes, could you tell one of the scary stories briefly?

There are a total of 15 Scary Cards, different by their art and card condition. Each one does have a unique story. They are pretty short. I can’t give you an exact story but there is one about a boy who eats too much candy and tries to give the tooth fairy a rotten tooth, doesn’t end well haha.

4. Do you think that each NFT should have an interesting story?


5. We know that your NFTs can have three different conditions that are mint black, foil gold, and weathered. Could you elaborate on these in detail?

Yeah, so you can pretty much tell the difference between the card conditions just by looking at them. The foil gold is exactly that, kind of like a foil hologram card, 1st edition if you may. The black mint is a standard black bordered card that looks clean. The weathered is probably my favorite design, it’s the kid who opened his pack of cards and plays with them with no regard of keeping them free of dents, bends, scratches. It just looks cool in my opinion, really brings the kid out in me.

6. Were you inspired or influenced by any metal music groups, like Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot, on your digital art?

Haha! It’s funny that you say that. Metal music doesn’t influence the direct design of the cards but I definitely grew up loving that type of music. I actually just found out Avenged Sevenfold is in the NFT space, love them even more now.

7. Why did you choose ETH blockchain for selling your digital artwork? 

ETH for me is what I was introduced to at first and seemed the simplest. I’ll probably branch into others but for now ETH works great.

8. Do you have any favorite NFT artists or collections? If yes, could you share them with us?

I’m a huge fan of HappyLand Gummy Bears (a little biased, my other project 😉 ) It will bring some fun perks to the community. I’m also a big fan of CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

9. What do you think about the impact of NFTs on the art world?

I think NFTs is definitely the new internet. It’s the World Wide Web right now, I’m not sure we’ll call NFTs “NFTs” in the future, but the technology is here to stay and it’ll improve everything. Excited for the next few years when more adopt it.

10. Would you like to add anything else about yourself, your NFTs, and the NFT world?

I’m just grateful for the opportunity to share something that I love and am new at. Excited to continue learning and wish everyone the best who is trying to create a project in the NFT space.