With its new Ghost in the Shell Ukiyo-e NFT collection, MADworld is bringing back the 1995 classic animated cyberpunk thriller “Ghost in the Shell” to life. The collection contains a limited-edition Ukiyo-e print in addition to 500 digital drops that reflect recognizable movie themes.

The animated movie Ghost in the Shell is based on Shirow Masamune’s cyberpunk manga. In the extremely advanced network society of the future 2029 AD, Public Security Section 9 and its members of the cyborg task force fight against computer crimes and cyberterrorism. With the famous symbol now dominating the digital world, collectors will have the opportunity to join the task force.

Sets of the Ghost in the Shell and Ukiyo-e NFT line will be offered for purchase. This will cost about $1149 USD for each set. Users will initially get an NFT after making a purchase, then the Ukiyo-e prints. The NFT obtained will grant exclusive access to the future Ghost in the Shell game and metaverse, which is important to highlight.

MADworld’s New Project

What is MADworld?

MADworld is a slashing Web3 and digital asset ecosystem supported by Animoca Brands that merges community, creativity, and global culture on the blockchain. As a multiverse artist defender, MADworld offers value, security, and provenance to artists, creators, and fans in some kind of a variety of distinct communities, including fashion, action sports, music, anime/manga, and gaming. By pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology, MADworld aims to improve the fan experience, support the economy of creators, and drop the costs of entry for traditional Web2 audiences into Web3.

The CMO of MADworld, Phillip Tran stated for the project: 

‘’Through this ground-breaking NFT project, MADworld is delighted to unify three generations of Japanese culture. We are entering a new era of fan engagement and community by combining traditional Ukiyo-e art, vintage animation from the 1990s, and modern digital collectibles and metaverse integrations.’’