Sheikh Hamdan has mapped out a 100-day plan to bring the UAE into the metaverse. The Crown Prince of Dubai shared this recently in a meeting with the Higher Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy and encouraged government organizations to join him on his quest to make Dubai the global capital for the developing digital economy.

What is Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-Day Metaverse Plan?

Sheikh Hamdan aims to create 40,000 virtual jobs and add $2 billion to the emirate’s economy by 2030. That’s why he flagged off the Dubai Metaverse Strategy in July of 2022. This 100-day plan is an offshoot of the initial ongoing strategy, with a focus on recruiting government organizations. It also includes plans to educate the citizens of Dubai on Web3 and how to take advantage of the digital economy.

Sheikh Hamdan’s meeting with the Higher Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy 

How Will Sheikh Hamdan Build The 100-Day Plan?

Sheikh Hamdan is looking to collaborate with several businesses and brands to build UAE’s Metaverse and reach his virtual jobs goal. Due to this situation, his 100-day plan includes strategic partnerships to attract more than 1,000 companies into the Web3 industry including private businesses and event companies. Sheikh Hamdan is interested in building a community of startups, creators, and investors who can proffer innovative solutions to novel Web3 and real-life problems.

About Sheikh Hamdan

Like El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed is another young ruler who is passionate about Web3 and the digital economy in general. His dream is ambitious, and he seems well invested in blockchain tech and would stop at nothing till he revolutionizes Dubai with it. With how amazing Dubai is, one can only imagine the kind of tech advancements we should expect when Sheikh Hamdan’s dream materializes.