Animoca Brands auctioned the first education Publisher NFTs on OpenSea on the 2nd of November alongside its learning platform, TinyTap. These NFTs will be an amazing innovation for the Web3 educational model. It will give audiences the accessibility a great number of websites don’t offer, increasing the financial gain of educational content creators.

 Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based media company, announced on the 27th of October the auction of six publisher NFTs each linked to a bundle of educational games and other interactive activities educators have created on TinyTap. TinyTap is a global educational games library where teachers can set up educational games and other interactive activities targeting school-age children and college students. It has a simple platform layout that facilitates the creation of courses and games that can be listed for free when done.

Animoca Brands acquired TinyTap on June 16, 2022, creating a partnership that has worked towards enhancing monetizing opportunities for teachers with the help of NFT and blockchain technology. 

The content has tackled concepts kids struggle to understand in an entertaining yet educational technique. Parents will harvest what they pay for in the learning benefits packed in these packages. Most courses even offer money-back options if the content is unsatisfactory and go for as low as $4. 

The Publisher NFTs are a chance for teachers and content creators to further monetize their work by offering publishing rights for their modules and courses. At the same time, their owners will become co-publishers of the content.

This means that the owners will have co-publishing rights to a teacher’s content. Each Publisher NFT item published on the platform makes up a set of interactive and educational quizzes, games, and courses divided by age and subject based on a particular discipline.

The holders of the NFTs will be able to promote and market their favorite courses, therefore, acquiring a share of the revenue. As a reward for creating attractive content, a part of the revenue from TinyTap’s subscription will be awarded to the teachers and creators.

Animoca Brands and TinyTaps have so far succeeded in creating an intricate system that serves all the supporters, teachers, and students. The subjects have enough privileges for people to forge, nurture, and develop them, giving a bright idea of where the future of Publisher NFTs is heading.