Amazon via Alexa Fund (its venture capital arm) has led a $20M investment in Superplastic, bringing the company’s total funding to $58 million. The participant list of this latest funding round includes Google Ventures, Animoca Brands, Galaxy Digital, Sony Japan, and Craft Ventures among others.


Founded in 2018, Superplastic is a 3D character media brand that works with famous companies, artists, and celebrities to create vinyl toys, NFTs, and metaverse experiences. 

The brand is most famously known for its NFTs which are exciting and fun. At the heart of every SUPERPLASTIC NFT is art with deep meaning, and these NFTs give you access to certain privileges and utilities in their growing ecosystem. The NFTs are released in episodes which build upon each other and revolve around digital stars Dayzee, Janky, Guggimon, and all the Superplastic cast.


Amazon’s investment in Superplastic is part of its grand plan to secure a seat in the Web3 space and be at the forefront of future technologies. 

The fund was excited to pick Superplastic because it is one of the brands leading the way in showcasing metaverse characters online today. Since its creation, Superplastic’s virtual characters have grown quite a large fanbase on social media – boasting millions of social media followers across various social media platforms. 

The Director of the Alexa Fund, Paul Bernard, stated that this is one of the reasons why the fund was interested in Superplastic because it’s the brand of the future and connects deeply with its customers – especially the younger generation. For Amazon, customer experience is everything and so it wasn’t surprising to hear Bernard explain their choice from this perspective.

Also, Bernard stated that ‘’Superplastic is a new class of IP that will become increasingly relevant…”.

This recent investment reaffirms Amazon’s commitment to focus on NFTs and Web3 this year, and we’re excited to see all the amazing things this tech giant has in store.