Ultra Games, a Web3 gaming company, is competing against gaming platforms, like Steam, by releasing a Web3 PC gaming marketplace. The marketplace contains a unique feature that allows players to resell digital games they have previously purchased.

Ultra has disclosed that its digital PC gaming marketplace will launch with an impressive collection of 60 to 70 games. The marketplace is set to feature an eclectic mix of both Web3 games and Web2 games.

The Web3 portion will feature games like Cards of Eternity, Cross the Ages, and MARS4. On the other hand, Web 2 games will include Syberia, Lords of the Fallen, and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Ultimate Series.

Ultra Games marketplace enables gamers to resell their previously acquired digital games! This functionality is facilitated through tokenized license rights, which potentially provide publishers with an additional revenue stream. Publishers can establish a no-resale period, determine a royalty percentage that would be paid automatically, and set a minimum price point. However, Ultra’s Co-CEO, Nicolas Gilot, stated that Ultra’s guidelines forbid publishers from charging royalties exceeding 70% of the sale price.

Furthermore, Gilot says traditional digital game marketplaces, such as Steam, excluding the Epic Games Store, haven’t supported blockchain-based gaming. This is limiting publishers’ ability to explore new revenue streams since platforms like Steam do not accommodate Web3 games. Additional revenue can be earned by reselling digital games while also preventing potential profits from being hacked or stolen.

Ultra Games has introduced NFT assets called “Uniqs” which are owned by the users. These digital collectibles serve as tokenized game licenses, which developers and publishers can use to generate revenue. Unlike other similar assets, Uniqs can be used in multiple games, which opens up creative business possibilities. According to Gilot, this unique feature enables developers to explore unconventional business models.

Ultra Games has revealed that users unfamiliar with Web3 technology can sign up by using their phone numbers and email addresses. Although cryptographic elements, including wallet addresses, will be hidden behind a Web2 interface, users can access them if required. Additionally, the platform will not charge any fees for network gas when users make transactions.

Finally, Gilot highlighted Ultra Games’ dedication to supporting publishers and developers who prioritize NFTs. The company has formed partnerships with industry leaders, like The Sandbox, Atari, and Ubisoft.

Ultra Games plans to launch its digital PC gaming marketplace by the end of this month. The platform’s success will hinge on the extent of developer adoption and gamer interest. Given the company’s partnerships and its unique revenue-generating capabilities, Ultra Games will definitely be a prominent figure in Web3’s future.

Web3 gaming community continues to expand.

About Ultra Games

Ultra Games is a gaming platform prominent in the Web3 space that is promoting Web3 and blockchain adoption. Under development since 2018, Ultra Gaming is built on the Ultra layer-1 network which is a fork of the EOS blockchain. 

The project’s ecosystem has been in constant expansion, adding new features, such as the Ultra Wallet, the forthcoming Ultra Arena esports platform, and the Uniq Marketplace for NFTs.