Xiaomi is investing in a 3D metaverse called Puffverse. The company will support Puffverse during its development stage. 

What is Puffverse?       

Puffverse is a metaverse gaming world currently under development. YAHAHA, Mirana, and Unity are giving the project industrial support, and now, Xiaomi will boost the development of the project.

The metaverse will include the firm’s game puffgo. The game gives users a taste of what to expect from the upcoming metaverse. Users can acquire Puff characters as NFTs on Puffgo events where Xiaomi distributes Puff NFTs as free rewards. Those lucky to win a free Puff NFT will gain exclusive privileges in Puffverse usable in all gaming scenarios.

Users will be able to create a virtual character and train it. The character can be fed, clothed, and equipped with several abilities. The method of creating characters is quite simple. New patent application provides details about image parameters and other things needed to create the virtual character. The characters have a unique gene sequence meaning that characters are different from each other.

New virtual characters powered by blockchain technology can be new entertainment for users. They are unique and non-replicable, thanks to blockchain technology which is highly reliable and decentralized.

The metaverse will include five playable characters that are Patty, Claude, Ashe, Billduck, and Pop.

Puff Characters: Claude, Bill Duck, and Ashe

Xiaomi joins Web3

In the past recent years, big companies have joined Web3. Now, Xiaomi is joining the space. This shows that Xiaomi is venturing into the blockchain industry and exploring how to use it. The developers aim to build a Disney, like a dreamland, that can serve mini-games.

As leading experts in Web2, the tech giants have a lot to give into the project in its development stages. Xiaomi will play a key role in the Web3 ecosystem development. The web attributes will be added later to the official version of the game in 2023.