The ‘Being a Woman in the Blockchain Ecosystem’ Project, supported by Avrupa Birliği Sivil Düşün Programı, a European Union program, and organized by CryptoFemale and The Association of Youth Agenda, will take place in Istanbul on January 21st, 2023! The exact venue of the event is Zemin Istanbul, and it will last from 09.00 to 18.00.

CryptoFemale, an organization that carries out education and studies to ensure gender equality, has announced that it will host this amazing event by inviting experts and institutions in the field from the Turkish ecosystem.

In the scope of the project, the support of the most important media partners in the sector will be received in order to broaden the impact area. In this EU-supported project, inspiring women in the sector will share their works and experiences with young women and be role models.

Panels on various topic titles will be created on the role of being a woman in the blockchain ecosystem, and the importance of networking, employment, and the growth and development of the ecosystem will be emphasized via these panels. These panels of the project include:

  • Crypto Female TR & Crypto Female Global Community and Their Goals
  • Being a Woman Artist in the Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Community Awareness and Women’s Communities in the Ecosystem
  • Crypto Market and Technical Analysis
  • Blockchain Journalism and the Place of Women in the Sector
  • Female Engineers in the Sector and the Devcon Process
  • Entrepreneurial Women and Web3 Expectations
  • Women in Global Web3 Works
  • Blockchain Economy and Women
  • Women in Blockchain Projects

It has been emphasized that the most important role in ensuring gender equality in this evolving and changing new ecosystem is to disseminate community awareness and to provide safe information and knowledge-based employment. Furthermore, the importance of the combination of different expertise areas with knowledge sharing for providing women with appropriate place in the blockchain ecosystem is stated within the scope of the project.

You can visit this website to get more information about the event’s agenda and other details.