CRM software Salesforce has recently delivered on its promise to stay on top of its customer experience game by bringing NFTs to its platform. Partnering with Polygon, the company has created an NFT management platform. 

This collaboration is a huge deal because it unites two forces in different industries. We are talking about the world’s largest customer relationship management (CRM) platform and leading blockchain network!

President of Polygon Labs, Ryan Wyatt, announced this partnership recently on Twitter by stating that it will help users roll out several token-based loyalties.

This integration will be built on the existing NFT management platform announced on March 15. 

In a statement, the team shared that their recently launched Salesforce Web3 will help brands amplify their customer experiences across Web2 and Web3 while scaling exponentially via a connected platform. 

The NFT platform is created to enable companies to manage and share NFTs effectively at relatively lower costs. With this NFT management aspect of Salesforce, companies can foster more meaningful relationships with customers and attract other demographics.

With Polygon, Saleforces’ dream of bringing Web3 to users will be bigger and actualized on a larger scale. Additionally, Salesforce wants its clients to be able to reward loyal users with NFTs and their pilot program that featured renowned brands, like Scotch & Soda and Mattel, ran successfully with over 250,000 transactions.

Salesforce is partnering with Polygon.

Salesforce teaming up with Polygon is another remarkable feat and shows that more people are adopting blockchain, especially for business. And the fact that a leader in the SaaS industry is paving the way for this change and moving the industry in the right direction is inspiring. 

We’re excited to see how other pioneers and big brands in the industry will follow this example and incorporate Web3 in their offerings.