Moonbird’s parent company, PROOF, has partnered with 3D-world-building platform Mona to create a new metaverse for the NFT project. 

The “Moonbirds Monaverse” will offer a digital space for NFT holders to socialize, access virtual experiences, and attend community events. 

The collaboration was announced at the Consensus 2023 conference, where both companies expressed their commitment to creating immersive, interactive experiences for NFT holders.

According to Kevin Rose, the CEO of PROOF, the Moonbirds Monaverse will offer unique experiences aimed at combining immersive art and technology for its nearly 6,500 NFT holders. Rose stated that:

“We will continue to provide unique experiences aimed at combining immersive art and technology to our holders. The world Mona has created unlocks a new way for Moonbirds holders to hang out and enjoy digital art together.”

Mona will provide technical support to help expand the virtual world while PROOF aims to foster community experiences, such as live town halls, viewing parties, and art reveals. 

This partnership is a new effort by PROOF to reward its NFT holders, following the company’s recent shift to creating art for the project’s “North Star”. 

The Moonbirds collection now aims to become the “art collectors PFP” and features 22 artists, including Beeple, Summer Wagner, and Terrell Jones. 

Despite the impressive lineup, some holders expressed frustration after receiving duplicate pieces and less supply being available for others.

What’s more with Moonbirds Monaverse?

Could Moonbirds Monaverse put the unsettled projects back on track while strengthening its position in the market and expanding its brand beyond the Web3-native community? Considering why people are interested in Metaverse, they might just do it. 

Also, PROOF had previously inked a deal with United Talent Agency in January to promote the Moonbirds collection.

Nonetheless, The Moonbirds Monaverse marks a new era of virtual experiences for NFT holders, as they can look forward to participating in a cutting-edge, immersive virtual community where art and technology combine in a way never seen before.

Moonbirds NFT project

What Moonbirds is: The NFT Art Project and its Metaverse Expansion

Moonbirds is a digital art project based on NFTs; the project was launched by PROOF, a collective of digital artists and developers, with the aim of creating a collection of NFTs that represent a new generation of digital art.

Moonbirds features a collection of unique digital bird-inspired artwork that can be purchased and traded as NFTs. The project has gained a loyal following of NFT collectors and art enthusiasts who appreciate the project’s high-quality art and unique approach to digital art.

Moonbirds has also collaborated with a lineup of renowned digital artists to create a new collection that rewards long-term holders. The project continues to grow and push the boundaries of digital art in the NFT world.