The tremendous increase in the number of companies that are making their entries into the Web3 space has been one worthy of note. Really, it comes as no surprise, seeing how quickly the industry is scaling up every day.

On November 29, super car manufacturer, Porsche, revealed its arrival into the Web3 space. The announcement also highlights the luxury car brand’s plans to scale up its activities in the industry. 

The debut NFT project of Porsche consists of 7500 assets inspired by the legendary Porsche 911. The NFT collection, designed by German 3-D creator, Patrick Vogel, will be released in January 2023.

The holders of this NFT collection will gain exclusive access to both physical and online experiences. They will also be actively involved in the design process of their NFTs. As part of being contributors to their NFT’s design, owners will be able to choose the desired route for their Porsche assets, like Performance, Heritage, or Lifestyle. 

These routes represent distinct features of the luxury car brand’s reputation and traits. The choice of route by the holders will influence the characteristics and design of their individual NFTs. Vogel, as the designer of assets in this collection, will convert this feedback into unique traits for each of the Porsche 3-D NFTs in Unreal Engine 5.

The purpose of this NFT project is to present Porsche’s exotic sports cars as viable options for valuable virtual assets. According to a statement made by the manager of innovation and methods at Porsche, Lars Kramer, the 3-D visuals of the assets were motivated by the brand’s heritage, standard automobile components, and urban lifestyle to build a tokenized and artistic journey.

To supplement the NFT drop coming early next year, Porsche is in the process of integrating blockchain elements into the company’s activities. The car manufacturer sees the benefits and advantages of switching its supply chain and buying process to Web3.

Deniz Keskin, director of brand management and partnerships at Porsche, commented on some of these benefits. According to the director, Web3 will enable the car manufacturer to supply its clients with novel virtual experiences. It will also improve the company’s creative process by creating opportunities to partner with customers and develop more personalized experiences.

As part of the NFT collection launching sequence, Porsche held a panel at Mana Common’s Web3 Festival. 

The event, themed The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis, is a 5-day event during Art Basel Miami and began on the 30th of November. The announcement of the 7500-token collection will increase the reach of the news to Porsche’s desired target customer base.

Porsche’s NFT Panel at The Gateway, Source: Twitter