On December 7, PayPal revealed its plans of offering crypto services to its Luxembourg client base. It is not surprising that the online financial services provider has decided to expand its cryptocurrency services to one of the top financial regions in the world.

This expansion offers a new crypto dawn to PayPal’s customers in Luxembourg. They will be able to explore the crypto world in the reliable and trustworthy PayPal environment, and they will also be provided access to educational resources and materials that will improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. 

As soon as PayPal’s crypto services become active in the region, eligible PayPal clients will be able to exchange and hold their Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in their accounts through PayPal’s website or mobile application.

PayPal supports its Luxembourg client base purchasing cryptocurrencies with a value of as little as ₤1. To buy any of the four cryptocurrencies made available on the platform, Luxembourg users must log into their PayPal accounts and navigate the new crypto section. Then, they can select the pre-fixed purchase amount or insert the desired purchase amount. Next, they must follow the subsequent prompts to complete their crypto transaction.

PayPal has made it possible for its Luxembourg clientele to buy cryptocurrencies using either of three options: their PayPal balance, their connected bank accounts, or European Union-issued debit cards. They can also opt to sell their crypto assets by using this new feature. Their money will be made available in their PayPal accounts as quickly as possible.

Extending its global reach to Luxembourg is a bold move in PayPal’s objective of simplifying the world’s access to virtual currencies. The online financial services provider intends to further develop its relationship with regulators and policymakers in the country. In turn, a significant impact would be made on how digital currencies affect the future of the world’s finance and commerce sector.