The Palm NFT Studio is introducing the influential Palm Generative Art Maker. With the help of this tool, producers can effectively create generative and game-ready 3D assets. 

Benefits of the Palm Generative Art Maker

With the help of this latest tool, artists may write code, save it on-chain, and produce a variety of original pieces of art. The art maker also enables users to create static and animated 3D objects, text, and metadata.

The technology will help larger companies to develop generative experiences utilizing hundreds of assets. In addition, smaller artists will get the chance to grow their digital art collections with the art tool. 

The Palm Generative Art Maker has the ability to increase the general availability of generative art for a wider variety of producers. Collections that would have been too difficult for anyone without programming or 3D generalist skills may now be produced by creators and small teams.

The tool reduces delay times and costs for creators by offering quicker rendering speeds, especially for animated assets. 

The Palm Generative Art Maker has version control software specifically made for creating game art, and it was created with cooperation at its core. It helps teams, prevents file overwriting, and lowers storage costs.

Over the past few years, generative art has become increasingly popular. The technology, which is based on the 3D game development tool Unreal Engine, will enhance the potential of generative art production by enabling developers to build in-game assets and metaverse experiences.

About Palm NFT Studio

With $27 million in cash behind it, Palm NFT Studio has been a steadfast promoter of digital art since it was founded two years ago.

Through its environmentally friendly Palm network, Palm NFT Studio has grown some of the largest and most active communities in the Web3 space. The studio’s initiatives include art, entertainment, music, and more; they envisage a society in which creative possibilities are shared and cooperatively formed.