OREO joins Metaverse with its unique OREO-themed OREOVERSE, featured in Meta Horizon Worlds and accessible through its own website. The brand is also launching a limited edition cookie dubbed “the most oreo cookie”, and Martha Stewart is invited to try all the fun OREOVERSE holds as a complete experience.

What will the most OREO OREO be like?

OREO, other than being the most-selling cookie in the entire world, has made us accustomed to its playful themes and delicious taste. To drive our addiction even further, the limited edition “the most OREO OREO” will see the most stuffing any OREO cookie previously had, with bits of Oreo mixed in the cream. The most OREO OREO is now available for pre-order at OREO.com and will start shipping across the United States from January 30.

OREO has cleverly saved this cookie for one of its most important events, the launch of its metaverse that will serve as an interactive medium, getting OREO and its fans closer together. 

OREOVERSE also contains different levels of cookie-themed games, such as Stack Stuf and Rocket Stuf. The participants have a chance to win deliciously incredible prizes, like game consoles, virtual reality headsets, and $50,000!

OREO’s senior brand manager, Julia Rosenbloom, stated:

“We’re excited to enter the metaverse! OREO is the cookie that begs to be played with and we love creating new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other and share in this playful spirit. The Most OREO cookie offers fans a whole new way to play with us. By scanning the packaging, they will be ‘immersed’ in the new world of OREOVERSE.”

OREO has made sure to include cell phones, laptops, and Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets as options for accessing OREOVERSE, to give anyone interested a chance to join in the fun.

Martha Stewart

As a pleasant surprise, American household legend Martha Stewart will be chaperoning the new OREOVERSE. Mostly known for her cookbooks, Martha Stewart has been on TV for decades and has contributed tried recipes, DIY crafts, and home decor tips as well as holiday party planning. Stewart has always been a fan of the cookie brand and has personal experience in Metaverse. She conveyed her excitement for making her debut in OREOVERSE by adding that she and her good friend Ryan McCallister have “the fun spirit of OREO”, and they will show OREO fans just how much fun the metaverse experience will be. Martha Stewart’s OREOVERSE tour will be broadcasted on Instagram and Facebook on the 30th of January.