NeftyBlocks is the first trade to earn marketplace for buying, selling, and creating digital collectibles. Now, the amazing marketplace is presenting a new feature called! In this news, you can reach the details of is NeftyBlocks’ cutting-edge avatar builder website. Users will get the chance to create their customizable avatars, that can be used on the website of NeftyBlocks and beyond, via Users can reflect their personalities and styles with because the website will feature a wide range of customization options, like different skin tones, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories! In addition to creating unique avatars, users will get the chance of buying and collecting various accessories to equip their avatars and give them even more ways to express themselves concretely.

The release provides users with the ability to buy and collect Betsy avatar accessories over time! The NFT packs contain a variety of accessories and items that can be used to further customize your avatar. To get started, you must own a Starter Pack, as that is the only pack that contains a Base Betsy avatar. The first round of Betsy avatar packs will go on sale on December 15th at 20.00 UTC. is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to new users. Moreover, with the ability to buy and collect accessories, users can continue to customize and update their Betsy over time. Visit on December 15th at 20.00 UTC to get started on creating your own Betsy!