What is MyMetaverse?

MyMetaverse is the world’s premiere NFT game and metaverse network providing a gaming experience for players and creators around the world. The Simon Kertonegoto-founded Enjin Web3 platform has integrated DALL•E 2, an AI system that allows MyMetaverse NFT collectors to customize their digital art.

What is DALL·E 2?

DALL•E 2 by Open AI is a new AI system that can generate realistic images and art from a description without the use of a programming language.

Is it true that life imitates art, or that art imitates life? Art can imitate almost anything with OpenAI’s DALL•E 2. The popular text-to-art platform enables almost anyone to create images, but with a keyboard rather than a brush.

The concept appears almost too simple (and far-fetched) to be true: Enter your concept into a search bar and you’re done! However, to get the most realistic and accurate representations of your desired searches, you’ll want to follow these tips and tricks.

According to MyMetaverse, the feature will be launched on November 25, and NFT owners will have the freedom to command DALL•E 2 to augment their art based on their own ideas. 

The collectors only need to enter a descriptive “prompt” to tell DALL•E 2 what to paint, then click “morph” and wait 10 seconds to see their new NFT.

When a morph is requested, MyMetaverse sends the image and the prompt to DALL•E 2, which imitates the original artist’s style and recreates a portion of the image to meet the specifications. As a result, the artist, collector, and AI form a one-of-a-kind collaboration.

The NFT community is ecstatic, and this is a step forward in that NFT owners can now collaborate with DALL•E 2, and the original artist to create something truly unique. They can either leave the image as is or transform it into their own creation. This demonstrates that, as we move forward, digital property rights will continue to give owners more power than ever before.