Move-to-earn games promote a healthy lifestyle, showcasing the impact of Web3 technology in various aspects of life. By motivating exercise with the potential to earn while you move, these games have gained popularity. 

However, the inability to accept NFT transactions on mobile apps due to high fees has been a challenge. STEPN, a move-to-earn app, has addressed this issue by collaborating with Apple Pay to streamline in-app purchases.

Previously, the newcomers encountered difficulties in purchasing NFT sneakers and navigating crypto wallets. With the integration of Apple Pay, STEPN has made the process more accessible. 

Users can now embrace the benefits of move-to-earn games and participate in the ecosystem without the complexity of crypto wallets! This advancement is expected to expand the reach of STEPN and increase its user base.

Shiti Rastogi, the COO of STEPN, expressed her excitement and credited hard work and resilience for the feat. She hopes that this integration will drive them many steps closer to their goal of bringing 100 million users into the platform.


STEPN is a pioneering move-to-earn app launched in 2021. Focusing on lifestyle, it incentivizes users based on their physical activity. 

By utilizing STEPN NFTs, individuals can earn rewards simply by engaging in outdoor activities. The app combines elements of SocialFi and GameFi, aiming to motivate users to address climate change, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and connect with Web3 technology. Additionally, the app’s SocialFi component provides a platform for users to generate their own Web3 content.

Final Thoughts 

Medical professionals and experts recognize the transformative power of fitness applications in fostering healthier lifestyles. This is why fitness brands are thriving by the day. STEPN has taken it to a whole new level by turning exercising into a game you can earn from! 

With the integration of Apple Pay, the company has the opportunity to make move-to-earn more accessible for all users. Therefore, it will influence better choices among large populations, promoting public health. For this reason, move-to-earn games are great examples of how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the healthcare sector.