About Nightshift

The Web3 creative agency Nightshift, currently known as Otherlife, combines concepts, innovations, and experiences. The agency has a distinguished portfolio that includes well-known Web3 firms as well as globally recognized brands, like Microsoft, Faze, Opensea, Rug Radio, and so on.

Nightshift is bought by MoonPay 

Nightshift has been bought by MoonPay in order to offer brands wanting to enter Web3 a one-stop shop. This includes offering online currencies and other Web3 technologies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and various metaverse experiences. MoonPay stated that the acquisition will advance its mission of creating an internet based ownership that’s accessible to clients.

Along with supporting more of MoonPay’s current clients, the company will continue to represent its current list of brand clients including Adobe, Shopify, and Arsenal F.C.

By acquiring Nightshift, MoonPay will be able to increase the range of its services and provide its customers with end-to-end solutions. The agency will be able to assist MoonPay’s customers in finding their way around the Web3 creatively, thanks to its experienced staff.

MoonPay, which provides NFT  infrastructure and cryptocurrency payment services to companies including Nike, Universal, and Fox, stated that the acquisition will further its aim of facilitating brand customers’ and consumers’ access to the Web3, a future ownership-based iteration of the internet. The company prefers not disclosing the purchase’s specific financial details.

Showing people what Web3 experiences can be and how they can increase brand engagement is something Nightshift has done very successfully. 

According to the enterprise president of MoonPay, Keith Grossman, at the end of the day, if you can show clients how they can succeed more, they don’t care whether it’s Web1, Web2, or Web3, they simply want to succeed more.