The strategic partnership between Burn Ghost and Mobaso Games will revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape with high-value digital collectibles and engaging casual games.

Revolutionizing the landscape of Web3 gaming

Burn Ghost, a multiplayer casual gaming platform, and Mobaso Games, a casual game developer and publisher, have formed a strategic alliance that aims to revolutionize the landscape of Web3 gaming. 

This collaboration offers a unique and enjoyable experience. Also, it will reward players with valuable digital assets by merging Mobaso’s extensive game catalog with Burn Ghost’s competition and prize platform.

The key to this partnership lies in the innovative combination of casual gaming and the rewarding aspect of digital collectibles. 

By allowing players to compete for top scores and prizes, Burn Ghost and Mobaso Games can increase user engagement and create a more immersive gaming environment for all participants.

Mobaso Games

Creating value together

Moreover, this collaboration benefits both companies; as Burn Ghost expands its platform to host a wider variety of casual games tied to its blockchain-based platform while Mobaso Games can tap into the lucrative Web3 gaming market by incorporating Burn Ghost’s competition and prizing technology into their catalog of games.

This innovative approach to gaming will likely attract a new wave of players who are drawn to the idea of earning valuable digital rewards while enjoying casual games. 

As more partnerships like this emerge in the industry, the Web3 gaming landscape will continue to evolve and provide engaging, rewarding experiences for players worldwide.

Mobaso Games

Mobaso Games is a casual game developer and publisher that was launched in 2013. Mobaso has gained a reputation for providing interesting and enjoyable native mobile apps that can be ported for play on different platforms, with a catalog of over 500 mobile games. 

Mobaso Games, with a staff of professional developers and marketing experts, strives to innovate and expand its offers in order to target a growing community of casual gamers.

Burn Ghost

Burn Ghost is a multiplayer casual gaming platform founded in 2021 by industry veterans with considerable experience in the casual and consumer game industries. 

Users can play games, compete, and earn precious NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and digital collectibles on the site. 

Burn Ghost’s skill games are designed to be quick, to challenge players’ knowledge and skill, and to create competitive competition among friends, with the ultimate objective of winning high-value digital gifts.