The France-based tyre manufacturing company introduced Michelin 3xplorer Club which is an NFT series. On June 15, 5,000 NFTs within the NFT series will be released on the Ethereum blockchain. 

With the introduction of the NFT collection, the company is announcing its entry into Web3. Anyone with a membership will have access to the Michelin 3xplorer Club’s community. People with NFT-based member cards will have preferential access. 

The First NFT Collection of Michelin

The NFT collection is the first phase of the company’s Web3 strategy. The collection demonstrates the company’s intention to develop novel customer experiences while strengthening ties with its community.

For this project, the company collaborated with different companies, like Exclusible, an expert in building Web3 and metaverse experiences, Goeland Studio, a digital development agency specializing in virtual and augmented reality, and, a startup specializing in Web3 and NFTs. Together, they developed a distinctive line of NFTs that embodied Michelin’s commitment to quality and innovation.

A special digital artwork related to Michelin Man will be owned by the community’s members. The members will take part in exclusive events, like the reveal gala of the renowned Michelin Guide selection, the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Michelin Motorsport Team, and MotoGP Grand Prix.

Also, people will get the chance to discover the company in a new way, and there will be some community challenges and a lottery. 

The company is happy to provide these exclusive opportunities to its followers/customers and subsequently deepen its connections with them!