The forward-thinking team of Futureverse is contributing to the metaverse space’s growth! Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, the co-founders, have unveiled an impressive $50 million venture fund and creative hub called Born Ready. This initiative, recently introduced through a press release, aims to support emerging Web3 and metaverse technologies, further solidifying the industry’s development.

The recently established fund is set to offer investments ranging from $250,000 to $2 million to enterprises. The goal is to expand Futureverse’s Web3 infrastructure and content network. Among the entities already part of the Born Ready portfolio are FCTRY Lab, Walker Labs, and Polemos.

Speaking to Fortune, McDonald stated that Born Ready is poised to support enterprises that have the potential to enrich Futureverse’s intellectual assets. Furthermore, the initiative intends to inaugurate an accelerator program, focused on fostering the growth of selected portfolio firms.

McDonald elaborated that their exploration involves venturing into less obvious domains that might not directly relate to their core activities. He described it as an investigation of areas that are tangentially connected but provide additional value.

Matt Hunter, the co-founder at Non Fungible Labs which is a subsidiary of Futureverse, expressed his enthusiasm for the accomplishment. He emphasized the significance of supporting individuals interested in development within a particular ecosystem. Additionally, he lauded Futureverse for its commitment to nurturing creative individuals through the introduction of Born Ready.

About Futureverse

In late 2022, Futureverse was created by combining eight companies, and later, three more companies joined it. FLUF World, a metaverse ecosystem with the NFTs featuring animated rabbits, is one of the startup’s standout endeavors. Additionally, AI League is a FIFA-licensed mobile soccer game that is offered by Futureverse. 

Notably, Futureverse made headlines when it unveiled that it had secured $54 million during a Series A funding round. This funding round was spearheaded by 10T Holdings in collaboration with Ripple Labs.