The Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform which offers a development environment and various service APIs based on blockchain and high-performance computing technologies was introduced by Fujitsu. According to Fujitsu, the platform will eventually become a hub for users from universities, partner firms, and start-ups who are creating the latest Web3 services and applications.

The platform comprises three online components: one of them is a trust function group called Fujitsu Computing as a Service Data e-TRUST that utilizes blockchain technology to enable secure data sharing and use between firms and customers. It offers a setting for technology and services and a venue for trusted connections between people and organizations, promoting the development of an ecosystem for safe and secure data sharing and use.

The platform will generate new value using Web3 and redesign it into an independently decentralized social system. In addition to offering a range of services and technology, the platform allows for the co-creation of new businesses. In order to do this, the company intends to go forward with the research of use cases, the creation of prototypes, demonstration trials, and so on. 

The company aims at developing its services to its customers using these three themes; Realization of co-creation society by distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs), rights management and utilization of digital content, and realization of digital trust.

The platform can support the creation and implementation of new Web3 solutions for the transmission of digital content, such as photographs and videos, securing copyrights, and ensuring the validity of digital data in the rights management sector.

Users might test new Web3 services currently being developed and implemented, in which projects are structured and promoted through autonomous consensus among participants in accordance with diverse goals in order to better understand DAOs. 

The program’s primary goal is to support customers in creating new Web3 apps by providing new ways for freely and securely exchanging data. The new platform will give users access to Fujitsu’s computing technologies and apps for creating and executing simulations, AI, and combinatorial optimization applications, in addition to the blockchain and verification technologies supplied by Data e-TRUST.