Most people think that NFTs can be bought only digitally, but there is a different circumstance. Yes, we got used to dealing with NFTs via digital platforms because NFTs are digital artworks. However, Superchief Gallery restructured the common ideas and actions about NFTs. In the article, we would like to introduce the World’s first physical NFT gallery!

In some countries, NFTs are sold in various auction houses and art galleries. Superchief Gallery is one of the places, but there is an interesting side of the gallery. In the gallery, there are both the sale of NFTs and physical presentation of the non-fungible tokens! Superchief Gallery is founded in 2012 by Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy in Brooklyn, NY. The gallery supports the digital local artists with its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary structure. You can think that the gallery is the extension of the cultural landscape in its most raw and honest form. By the gallery, cofounders aim to gather artists who are creating in photography, illustration, and so on in order to make local artists’ heard and create a huge art community. Hence, Superchief Gallery can be labeled as a peaceful and supportive art body.

The cofounders of Superchief Gallery generally place the artwork of talented artists on the digital advertising signboards because they want to make people knowledgeable about amazing art pieces. On 25th March 2021, the cofounders started to deal with a different medium called Superchief Gallery to support digital artists. The gallery is placed in Union Square of Brooklyn, and it is presenting NFTs, which are found on digital platforms and marketplaces, physically. The physical NFT gallery is the first decision in the world by Edward Zipco and Bill Dunleavy.

The View Which Welcomes the Visitors

Do you wonder that what visitors encounter in Superchief Gallery? Actually, the gallery is similar to the traditional galleries and art houses. There are artworks on the walls of the gallery, but the art is found on high-definition digital canvases, instead of ordinary canvases. Also, some digital canvases have QR code, and people can get enough information about an art piece by utilizing the code. Collectors can buy the digital canvases to reach their intended NFT physically, so the canvases can be placed on the walls of a home, an office, or anywhere. At sometimes, some complications can occur with technology, but Superchief Gallery is working with Blackdove, that is a safe company producing digital canvases for NFTs, for avoiding the complications. If you want an NFT from Superchief Gallery, you should prepare your cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can use your credit cards for buying NFTs in the gallery.

The Carbon-free Feature of Superchief Gallery

Edward Zipco, the founder of Superchief Gallery NFT, which aims to zero the carbon footprint, says that they have collectively received carbon credits through Cloverly to offset the carbon footprints by 150%. From the situation, we can understand that the physical NFT gallery proves that NFTs can create a carbon-free area.

Bri Cirel – Smile

The Art Works from Superchief Gallery

The first exhibition of Superchief Gallery called Season One Starter Pack consisting of the art pieces from 300 different artists, and the pieces were submitted tender via 72-hours auction. In the first exhibition, there were the art of Alex Schaefer, Ghostshrimp, Princess Nokia, Lourdes Leon, so visitors encountered the works from popular visual artists. In another exhibition of the gallery called Every Woman Biennial, there were the artworks of women whose ages are between 19-93. The aim of the exhibition is to show the talents and ideas of women and non-binary artists. Every Woman Biennial was launched on 24th June 2021, and 272 artists participated in the biennial.

In addition to Superchief Gallery, other galleries from the different locations of the World created special areas for NFTs. For instance, UCCA Lab in China and Hermitage Museum in Russia presented a behavior like Superchief Gallery, so we should know that traditional galleries and exhibitions will give place to physical NFT galleries in the future.