OpenAI’s advanced language model has empowered Etherscan, the widely-used Ethereum blockchain explorer, to introduce an AI tool named “Code Reader“.

This tool, currently in its beta version, actively supports users in comprehending the underlying source code of any smart contract. Therefore, it enables them to delve deeper into the intricacies of smart contracts.

Code Reader generates a response by using OpenAI’s extensive language model after receiving a prompt from the user. This response offers valuable insights into the source code files of the contract, as highlighted by Etherscan. 

The tool is particularly beneficial for individuals new to interacting with smart contracts. It equips them with a comprehensive understanding of the contract’s operations and functionality, enabling them to comprehend its complexities efficiently.

AI-generated explanations enable users of Code Reader to gain a deeper understanding of the code in contracts. Besides, comprehensive lists of smart contract functions related to Ethereum data can be obtained. Additionally, users can understand the interaction between the underlying contract and decentralized applications through Code Reader.

However, users must note that Etherscan has incorporated a disclaimer. The disclaimer states that the AI service’s utilization on their platform necessitates an OpenAI API key with adequate usage limits. Furthermore, users are cautioned against assuming the accuracy of all answers generated by the AI. 

To initiate the utilization of Code Reader, users must input their API key and provide the contract address. They must also choose the source file for interaction and proceed to pose their inquiries.

Etherscan, on Twitter, issued a cautionary reminder urging users not to assume the accuracy of answers. The team emphasized that the current release is still in the beta phase and requested feedback on desired additions or improvements.

By introducing the tool, Etherscan strives to bolster the accessibility and comprehension of smart contract code. This initiative empowers Ethereum developers and enthusiasts to navigate the intricacies of the blockchain ecosystem with greater effectiveness.

About Etherscan

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