Blockchain Cuties is a new collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, and other real and fantasy creatures alike.

Each cutie is special and entirely yours. You can breed them, level them up, test their fighting prowess in battles, arm them, and collect them. Using smart contracts on the Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO blockchains, the in-game economy allows you to trade cuties. Each non-fungible cutie can be traded or sold to other players like any other cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Cuties Shares Different Values


According to your taste and preference, you are free to exercise freedom of choice by choosing any pet you are interested in playing with.

Cost efficiency

With transaction costs in mind, all crucial Cutie stats are saved in blockchain as efficiently as feasible. Even off-chain storage is used for some features. We don’t want the gamers to pay too much.

Opportunity to improve

Every blockchain Cutie has access to essential resources, including the ability to level up, acquire experience, and use a variety of things to enhance their pets’ abilities.

Blockchain Cuties the Most Updated Game in Market

In terms of both game updates and community spotlights, Blockchain Cuties is the most updated game in the market! While the newsfeed is updated EVERY day, the game itself receives changes frequently in  every two weeks.

Blockchain cuties provide gamers with a simple way to add cryptocurrencies to their in-game wallet with a credit card. No matter if you haven’t gotten into cryptocurrency yet, Blockchain Cuties can help you do so! You can even trade other ERC-20 tokens for ETH or EOS using CHANGELLY.