ZEBEDEE, the next-generation payment processor, has teamed up with Bear Hug Entertainment, the new mobile gaming studio founded by gaming industry professionals, to launch Coin Mahjong.

Coin Mahjong is a play-to-earn game in which players have a chance to earn real Bitcoin payoffs!

The main aim of these two companies is to completely change the casual-gaming sector by bringing real-world rewards to well-known game concepts. Also, we want to indicate that Coin Mahjong is Bear Hug’s first play-to-earn game. 

Coin Mahjong

Mahjong is a popular tile-based tabletop game that has been played for over a century. On the other hand, Bear Hug’s version of the game stands out by implementing a rewarded-gaming model. 

The gaming model gives players small amounts of Bitcoin as a prize for completing stages. Players do not have to pay entry fees and extra costs to get Bitcoin rewards by playing Coin Mahjong! 

Coin Mahjong’s payment system is rendered possible by its connectivity with ZEBEDEE’s payment platform using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This technology employs ultra-fast and low-cost nano-transactions between the game and its participants.

Future plans of these two companies

This unusual collaboration is only the beginning. Both companies are planning to launch additional titles by using this payment technology in the future. They also anticipate participating in more advanced projects. This contains deeper implementations that show the promising importance of access to real-time payments in gaming.

The ZEBEDEE app includes Coin Mahjong and other play-to-earn games. This app additionally serves as the sole tool required by players to play games, collect earnings, and shop.