Animoca Brands, a digital entertainment company that specializes in blockchain-based gaming and virtual products, recently announced the launch of its new digital asset collection called Mocaverse. The collection will feature various characters and items from the company’s various games.

Mocaverse will encapsulate the ideologies and soul of every single Animoca Brands enterprise, its associated partners plus affiliates. The NFT collection will be launched securely during Q1 of 2023, and it features 8,888 NFTs of characters called Mocas.

Mocaverse is a part of Animoca Brands’ larger strategy to bring together its portfolio projects, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partners into a single and unified metaverse. The company is also working on interoperability solutions that will allow players to move their virtual items and assets between different games and platforms in the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse has four types of utility designated as “realms” – each one embodying the core pillars of learning, playing, constructing, and helping – all aimed at helping users to gain knowledge, collaborate with others, and develop in a collective space.

Bearers of Mocas cards will have plentiful rewards available to them as part of their membership. Opportunities for education and discovery, such as expert AMAs and teaching sessions, are joined by the chance to partake in the game passes with special prize assets; additionally, a selection of incubator programs exists to provide help in developing new projects.

Participants can become involved in the development of philanthropic projects by contributing to numerous charitable causes. Over time, the program will incorporate additional utilities and synergies. Each Moca is unique, has its own story and personality, and can be used across multiple platforms to create a unique experience. The collection will also feature exclusive characters, items, content, and more.

Animoca Brands is excited to bring Mocaverse to the world and is committed to creating a space that offers users the opportunity to express themselves, develop their skills, collaborate with others, and be rewarded for their efforts.